About us


Jim and I (Suzanne) have been married for 40 years now. We met and married in Spokane.  I moved to Oregon to join Jim and raised our family of five. Jim retired from Lake Oswego P.D. I have been a stay at home mom, and herd manager of Ober-D'Rainbow Caprines. We were introduced to goats from a need to supply a milk source other than cow's milk. Our children had a cow's milk allergy and so we went on a quset to find a milk source our children could tolerate. We began with the Nubian breed, which has rich wonderful tasting milk. As time went on we introduced the Oberhasli breed. It was then we created the " Ober-D'Rainbow" herd name our whole family helped with creating. Our children wanted the herd name to be Rainbow but that was already taken. So then the idea to use the "Ober" part for our newest breed and add the "D" for Dairy and then their preferred name "Rainbow" hence

" OBER-D'RAINBOW " was born! As  time went by and our family grew it became apparent that each child prefered their own breed. And being very competive it was much easier for them and us to have their own breed to work with so they didn't have to compete against each other in the show ring other than Showmanship.


The Oberhasli became my passion. Being told they wouldn't ever amount to anything good and it was not worth the time to breed them, I took that as a challenge! Yes you can, say I don't take "NO" for the answer. I love challenges! My goal was to breed a Oberhasli who would be good enough to compete for "Best Udder of Show"   The quality udders were the greatest challenge to acheive consistantly in breeding the Oberhasli. So when our doe Echo-Hollow's TS Buenos Dias took best udder of show, I was ecstatic! Then in 2001 our doe Ober-D'Rainbow DMG Poco Bueno, Dias's daughter was excepted as a spotlight sale consignment. Our emphasis is still mammary quality but we do try to balance it with general appearance too.


Now that our children have grown and moved on to their own lives we continue a bit of each of their breed's genetics via the tank or in progeny. And as their children grow and become interested in the goats they can take up where their parents left off! We have 12 grandchildren so far, `10 granddaughters 2 grandsons. Several of them have taken on their parents interests in the goats and maybe the next generation of "Ober-D'Rainbow"


Currently we predominately raise Oberhasli and Sables. However our Nubian herd has grown expedentualy. A close family friend passed. We helped and took on several of her goats, and will cherish the wonderful genetics she left behind.  We too have a handful of Alpines, a few Saanens, a La Mancha and some crosses. So we can supply almost every breed ADGA recognizes.