Some of our best genetics came form our Experimental breedings, such as National Reserve Grand Champion, GCH Ober'Rainbow TRB Xontonah.  Most of our Experimentals are Oberhasli or Sable crosses. We have we retained some of the oopsies for ourselves. And some crosses we planned. Check out what we have available!





9*M     FS90 EVEE @ 5-03

Born: March 2014           63% Saanen  38% Alpine

Bred to: Ian                      Due: April

Date kidded:                     Kids born:

Kid price: $800.00


Sire: +*B SG Noble-Springs Dace  FS91 EEE @ 4-04

     SS: +B Noble-Springs Mo'Effective  FS92 EEE @ 7-06

     SD: SGCH Just-A-Hobby Perfect Dream  6*M FS91 VVEE @ 3-04

Dam: GCH Lucky Hook Magic Amee's Ruddy  8*M  FS87 VVVV @ 2-05

     DS: *B Iroquois X-Rated Magician

     DD: GCH Lucky Hook MK Rusty Amethyst  7*M  FS90 VEEE @ 5-03


We had the opportunity to purchase Reba last year, and we jumped on it! She is a awesome doe and will add wonderful genetics to our herd.



Born: March 2014           75% Oberhasli  25% Alpine

Bred to: Hakkali              Due: March

Date kidded:                     Kids born:

Kid price: $500.00


Sire: *B Ober-D'Rainbow XRX Eli Whitney

     SS: SG Ober-D'Rainbow VAL Xerox

     SD: SGCH Violet-Sky Trust Whitney  4*M  FS 90  VEEE

Dam: GCH Ober-D'Rainbow TRB Xontonah  1*M   FS92  EEEE 

     DS: +B SG Ober-D'Rainbow Troubeaudour

     DD: Ober-D'Rainbow ELN Wonton Anna


Elapaio is a very stylish doe. She reminds us of her dam and has followed in her dams footsteps! We liked 2018 years breeding so well we repeated that breeding and soon we will see how that doe freshens. Elapaio's udder got damaged and so she hasn't been shown in a while, but she would have been a finishable doe and possibly competed as well or better than her dam :(


FS91  EEEE @ 3-04

Born: February 2016           75% Sable, 13% Alpine, 13% Toggenburg

Bred to: Liam                     Due: March

Date Kidded:                      Kids born:

Kid price: $600.00

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow Choco Nugget   

     SS: *B Willow-Lane Akiiki

     SD: Joash PRB Chocolate Cookie  13*M  4-02 FS 89 VEEE

Dam: R P G Crimson  1*M  FS91 EEEE

     DS: +*B SG Klisse's TE Grandeur of Hope 

     DD: Ober-D'Rainbow ZPHX Serenity

Harliquin is following in her dam's footsteps. She is a eye catcher! She is polled so there is a chance of polled kids. These doe kids will be first generation American Sables.


FS88  VEVV @ 3-03

Born: March 2016           50% Oberhasli, 50% Alpine

Bred to: Kaspian                Due: February

Date Kidded: 02-25-2020  Kids born: 2 Bucklings

Kid price: $450.00

Sire: *B Vanjust 3GS Datsun Skyline  FS88 VVV @ 3-06  

     SS: ++*B Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute  FS91 VEE @ 7-03

     SD: SGCH Vanjust TTRW Yvonne  FS90 VEEE @ 6-07

Dam: SGCH Sor'N'Son ELN Yauvani  2*M  FS88 VVVE @ 5-00

     DS: +B Sor'N'Son CRS EI Nino

     DD: SG Sor'N'Son RST Wapiti  1*M  FS90 VEEE @6-05

We purchased Honor last fall. Her dam line is out of our son Isaac's best Alpines and that is what caught our eye at first and then looking further her sire's side is by animals we have used in our Oberhasli breeding program and has been a wonderful asset to our herd. So how can we go wrong by using this lovely lady in our breeding program!


FS87  VVVE @ 2-01

Born: March 2016           75% Oberhasli, 25% Sable

Bred to: Kurry                Due: March

Date Kidded:                      Kids born:

Kid price: $500.00

Sire: *B GGG Bowemma Hartz  

     SS: +*B Heaven's Hollow Prnshi Bowlen  FS84 +EV @ 2-06

     SD: SGCH GGG Romabunda Emma  5*M  FS91 EEEE @ 5-06

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow NGT Hsoka

     DS: *B Ober-D'Rainbow Choco Nugget

     DD: Quitan Obers TTP Csoka  1*M

Jsokalyn's dam is a doe who originally came from one of those oopsie breedings. Nugget the Sable buck got several does we did not slate for him! And Hartz was a Oberhasli buck we waited four years to get and lost him at 9 months old only breeding one doe before he died. But what alovely legacy he left! Jsokalyn was raised by a close friend who was getting back into Oberhasli and picked her as one he was going to start his new Oberhasli herd with. He has a eye for nice animals and he pick several very nice does as well as hand raised several to help out! He did a wonderful job on caring for these does and I owe him tons for doing such a wonderful job! Thank You Bobby! Jsokalyn was bred to one of our best upcoming herd sires before he left. So we are hoping we will carry the tradition of excellence! These doe kids will be American Oberhasli.


FS88  VVEV @ 2-01

Born: May 2017                 75% Sable, 25% Alpine

Bred to: Kare Free              Due: March

Date Kidded:                      Kids born:

Kid price: $500.00  1 doeling reserved 1 doeling retained

Sire: *B Talache ' s Sema  FS86 VVV @ 1-04 

     SS: *B Talache 's Hiroko  FS86 VVV @ 2-05

     SD: SGCH Talache 's Soto  7*M  FS91 EEEE @ 7-04

Dam: March Ranch Ayahaz Aatta

     DS: *B March Ranch S&T Lord Asreil

     DD: Waiilatpu WRWC Ayah  1*M  FS90 VEVE @ 4-06

Jayfeather is a lovely doe with length, width and well attached mammry. Her sire's dam is a doe we have admired for years. We hope to carry on that wonderful general appearance, mammary and milk production that is throughout the pedigree.


Born: April 2018              50% Sable, 50% Toggenburg

Bred to: Liam                   Due: June

Date Kidded:                      Kids born:

Kid price: $450.00

Sire: J-5 Farms Calix  

     SS: *B Des-Ruhigestelle Dream Catcher

     SD: CH Pleasant-Grove Cobra's Glow  FS90 EEEV @ 5-04

Dam: SG Jitter Bug SB J'S Couturedior  FS91 VEEE @5-03

     DS: *B Joash Mav's Sure Bet  FS85 +EE @ 1-04

     DD: SG Adonai AJJ Trip's Jaunty  FS90 EVEE @ 5-04

Kouture is a lovely doe with length, width and good feet and legs. Her mammary is very nice and I only expect it to get better with more lactations. She is Dior's last kid and the term grand finale fits her. Can't wait to see this doe fully mature.


Born: April 2018                 50% Oberhasli, 38% La Mancha

Bred to: Maximo                Due: March

Date Kidded:                      Kids born:

Kid price: $450.00

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow HKL Just*N*Time

     SS: Ober-D'Rainbow T-Hakkali

     SD: CH Udderly-Crazy SRF Longtimecomn  FS90 VEVE @ 5-03

Dam: Trinity Valley EXC-ASIA Farsi

     DS: The Trinity Valley Exclaim

     DD: Hosanna*Farm JER Eurasia

Kelsi is a almost correct color Oberhasli La Mancha looking doe. I have always wanted a Ober colored La Mancha and she is almost there! She freshened last year with a lovely mammary and we look forward in watching her mature.


FS84  +++V @ 1-02

Born: April 2018                 50% Sable, 38% Saanen, 13% Alpine

Bred to: Hau                     Due: March

Date Kidded:                      Kids born:

Kid price: $500.00

Sire: *B Talache ' s First Captian

     SS: J-5 Farms Calix

     SD: SG Talache 's Fedora  FS86 VEVV @ 1-03

Dam: Lucky Hook Rusty Tea

     DS: *B Noble-Springs Daybreak  FS84 +VE @ 2-06

     DD: GCH Lucky Hook Makya Rusty Patina  7*M  FS89 VVEE @ 2-06

When Karma first freshened last year her general appearance was lovely, but her mammary wasn't very pretty. Lots of milk for a first freshener, but not a fan of her udder. Beings we only milk once a day and leave the kids on we really don't get to see the udders full or maturing. Well when her kids were sold and she was being milked twice a day, her udder bloomed into a beautiful sight to behold!  So the moral to this story is don't be quick to judge! She made the cut and we are expecting to see some nice kids from her and a even better doe.


Born: April 2018                   75% Sable, 25% Saanen

Bred to: Dragonfly                Due: March

Date Kidded:                      Kids born:

Kid price: $450.00

Sire: *B Ober-D'Rainbow Honey Graham

     SS: *B Ober-D'Rainbow Choco Nugget

     SD: GCH Hand Made Grand Coco Crispy  1*M  FS91 VEEE @ 6-05

Dam: Snowbird Shadow

     DS: *B Joash PMP Apple Jack  FS87 VEV @ 5-03

     DD: Snowbird Maggie

Kool has a bald face which I am drawn to, so when I was given a choice of does to pick from my eyes went to her. But besides that she has wonderful general appearance and hopefully a awesome udder as well! Time will tell soon enough! Kool is a first freshener and I am really excited for these kids.

First Fresheners

Just as the rest of our first fresheners, if you see a pairing that is something you would like to purchase, a $100.00 deposit prior to the doe freshening will lock in the $350.00 purchase price. After these does freshen we will evaluate them and may make adjustments to the purchase prices on their kids. 

Bellow are buttons with the planned pedigree of the first fresheners.

2019 Natl sh Harliquin side face
honor 2019 side face
2019 honor

This is Yauvani as a aged doe.

( Dam )

Honor as a first freshener

Jasokalyn 2018.jpg