Winter is upon us and our

2020-2021 breeding season is almost complete. I am updating the pages and you will soon be able to see the newest pairings. This site does not come out well on phones and tablets. Until I can fix that problem your PC is the best venue to view this site

We are currently working on updating our pages. As to the last edited date, these pages are complete:

Alpines - Saanens - La Manchas - Oberhasli almost complete

Sable page started.


Last edited 01-12-2021



We have a rainbow of breeds here that call

Ober-D'Rainbow their home. We strive in breeding sound, productive animals, with dispositions that fit all types of managements.


Breeding dairy goats since 1984.


Maybe you will find your Pot'O'Gold somewhere Ober-D'Rainbow!