La Mancha

The earless ( they have little ears) wonders are one of our favorite breeds. We do not have many because they are like potato chips, you can't just eat one once you start! In order to concentrate on our Sable breeding program we had to down size a few of the breeds we were raising. So we have a token LaMancha and it was her color that attracted us to her and her beautiful udder! She looks like a almost correct Oberhasli in La Mancha clothing. And of coarse we bred her Oberhasli! Which she had 2 doelings, one correct color Oberhasli La Mancha and one almost correct Oberhasli La Manha. So Farsi and her correctly colored Oberhasli La Mancha doe were bred La Mancha this year so here we go, not able to have just one! Help us out by purchasing one of our earless potato chips! Check out the breedings below! Click on the button to see the planned pedigree.


     EXPERIMENTAL  75% La Mancha, doe kids will be American La Mancha

Born: July 2015       Color : Chamoisee w/ tan face stripes.

Bred to : Goldthwaite Maximo        Due : March

Kidded :                                           Kids born :


Kid Price : $400.00

          SS: Trinity Valley Yoda's Candyman

Sire: The Trinity Valley Exclaim

          SD: Luck*Star's QM Xclamation

          DS: Unknown/Unregistered

Dam : Hosanna*Farm Jer Eurasia

          DD: K-N-H Ranch YSL Beijing

Farsi has turned out to be a very lovely doe in general appearance and mammary especially. And she milks up a storm! She isn't a huge doe but she is worth her weight in a

Pot O Gold here Ober-D'Rainbow!


     EXPERIMENTAL  38% La Mancha, kids will be Experimental

Born: July 2018       Color : Chamoisee w/ correct black Oberhasli trim.

Bred to : Goldthwaite Maximo        Due : March

Kidded :                                           Kids born :


Kid Price : $350.00

          SS: Ober-D'Rainbow T-Hakkali

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow HKL Just*N*Time

          SD: CH Udderly-Crazy SRF Longtimecomn

          DS: The Trinity Valley Exclaim

Dam : Trinity Valley Exc-Asia Farsi

          DD: Hosanna*Farm Jer Eurasia

Kelsi freshed last year with a lovely little well attached udder. She is a lot like her dam in all regards so we are very excited what she will have developed into this coming spring! These kids will be Experimentals but should be very high quality kids. 


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