La Mancha

The earless ( they have little ears) wonders are one of our favorite breeds. We do not have many because they are like potato chips, you can't just eat one once you start! In order to concentrate on our Sable breeding program we had to down size a few of the breeds we were raising. So we have a token LaMancha and it was her color that attracted us to her and her beautiful udder! She looks like a almost correct Oberhasli in La Mancha clothing. We are keeping our token La Mancha dry this year. so check back next year.



     American La Mancha

Born: March 2020       Color : Chamoisee

Bred to : Open           Due : N/A

Kidded : N/A              Kids born : N/A


Kid Price : N/A

          SS: Sweet Serenity Remmington

Sire: Goldthwaite Maximo

          SD: Luck*Star's LB Essen  6*M  LA89 VVEV @ 3-05

          DS: The Trinity Valley Exclaim

Dam : Trinity Valley EXC-ASIA Farsi

          DD: Hosanna*Farm JER Eurasia

Farsi, Maci's dam was purchased because she looked like a earless Oberhasli. As you can see we bred her to a LaMancha buck last year and got two doelings, both colored like Oberhasli but one was more correct than the other so Maci was kept. We are going to keep her dry this year so you will need to check back next year.