We have been breeding Oberhasli dairy goats since 1984. We have worked hard on making improvements that would further the breed. We have reach several of our goals in the this breed and are pleased with the consistency we seemed to have reached in the quality of the mammary systems.

We have added buttons which link you too the planned breeding's of the does below. Unfortunately these buttons do not appear on mobile phones. I am trying to figure out how to get that feature to work on mobile phones but until then......... you will have to go to a desk top, lap tops or tablets. The first freshners buttons are found under the "FIRST FESHNERS " Check out those pedigrees you might be interested in what you see. I am almost done with all the breeding's

Keep a watch the rest will come soon!

Oberhasli Does



     Born: March 2011

     Bred to: Hush                Due: April

     Kidded:                         Kids born:


     Kid price: $600.00

     1 Doeling retained

Sire: Udderly-Crazy Good Fortune

     SS: Udderly-Crazy PC Hot Stuff

     SD: SGCH Udderly-Crazy Good Karma  5*M

Dam: SGCH Udderly-Crazy Surely You Jest  3*M

     DS: ++*B SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester

     DD: SGCH Oberland's Wunder Zweiten  2*M

Longtime has the type of mammary attachment I breed for. Her teats are of medium size and hang plum.

Her general appearance is nice but her head is not her best feature. Her kids have lovely heads so she

doesn't seem to pass on her plain head.


     Born: March 2012

     Bred to: Valkyrie (IVF)     Due: March

     Kidded:                           Kids born:

     Kid price: $800.00

     ALL Kids spoken for at this time.                           

Sire: Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute  2012 Natl Prm Hrd Sire

     SS: Cream-of-Kansas' Chalisacclaim

     SD: SGCH Sparkling Acres Winter Rose  3*M  LA 92 EEEE

Dam: SGCH Violet-Sky Trust Whitney  4*M  LA 90 VEEE

     DS: +*B SG White-Haven 'Ntrust  LA 89 VEE

     DD: SG Leap'N-Leabo Poco Tahlia  3*M

Chutney is a lot like her dam.  Her best quality is her mammary attachment, plumness of teats and

General Appearance. She is a gorgeous doe!  Unfortunately she freshened with mastitis on one side

of her udder so she is no longer showable so she will have to produce her beauty in her offspring. She is co-owned by Talache Dairy Goats and ourselves. We chose to do IVF with her and it has  been successful to this point, but we went from 30 oocysts havested to 8 implanted embryos. So we are not counting our chicks before they hatch and breath air! we have two reservations and we are both keeping at least three kids each our selves. So unless we get surprised and we end up with more there won't be any more available. 


LA-88 VEVE @ 2-03

Born: March 2017

Bred to: Hakkali         Due: June

Kidded:                     Kids born:

Kid price: $600.00

Sire: *B Haycreeks Kane Enter Sandman  FS90 EEV @ 4-05

     SS: +*B SG California Special Kane

     SD: SGCH Haycreeks Solution Shay  5*M  FS90 EEVE @ 3-04

Dam: GCH Haycreeks H Felicity  3*M  FS91 VEEE @ 6-04

     DS: +B Heaven's Hollow Prince Harry  FS88 VEE @ 2-03

     DD: Haycreeks SR Fall  2*M  FS89 VEEV @ 2-04

Francine is everything we were hoping for when we purchased her at the 2017 Colorama Sale. Her kids this last year are very fancy kids. Excited to see her daughter freshen.




Born: March 2017

Bred to: Hush        Due: April

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: 500.00 

Sire: Heaven's Hollow WHT Caspian FS91 EEE @ 6-05

     SS: SG White-Haven Tumnus FS91 VEE @ 6-04

     SD: SGCH Heaven's Hollow His Glory  5*M  FS88 +EEE @ 2-03

Dam: Quitan Obers QOC Delling  6*M  FS90 VEEV @ 5-04 

     DS: Quitan Obers TTTP Cladius

     DD: SGCH Quitan Obers ATTN Chablis  FS84  +VVV @ 6-01  

Jellin is exactly what we were shooting for. Her dam was prefect in every way but her size of teats. This breeding that created Jellin

shrunk the teats to a prefect size and kept the rest of her dams qualities. We are anxiously wait for her to mature.


Born: January  2018

Bred to: Hush        Due: April

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: 500.00 

Sire: *B Dreamy Sunset DM Jacob

     SS: *B Luvruc TA Hercules

     SD: GCH Vanjust 3GS Daisy Mae  3*M  FS90 EEEV @ 4-07

Dam: SGCH Vanjust LBB Elderflower  8*M  FS90 VEEE @ 5-05 

     DS: +*B Luvruc TTRW Buffalo Bill

     DD: SGCH Vanjust 3GS Cola  FS87  VVEV @4-04  

Kelp was quite a wonderful surprise gift. She has turned out with a awesome mammary. She broke her ankle as a kid and it didn't heal real pretty so she probably won't be shown but she will be a great genetic asset to our herd. 


Born: February  2018

Bred to: Fergus        Due: April

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: 500.00 

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow HKL Jabberwalki

     SS: Ober-D'Rainbow T-Hakkali

     SD: SGCH Tutlelu Whisper  1*M  FS86 V+EV @ 5-03

Dam: SG Windbriar CJ Hottomato Chutney

     DS: Windbriar THU Chief Joseph  FS89 VVV @ 3-03

     DD: CH Ober-D'Ranbow 3GS Chutney  FS88 VVEV @ 2-03

Gimble freshened with a lovely well balanced udder. Her general appearance is wonderful as well. she will be quite a complete package when she fully matures. Jabberwalkie is a maturnal brother to Hush, his sire being Hakkali to double up Chutney and Casio.


Born: February  2018

Bred to: Hush       Due: June

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: 500.00 

Sire: *B Ober-D'Rainbow XRX WTNY Huston  FS90 EEV

     SS: +B SG Ober-D'Rainbow VAL Xerox

     SD: SGCH Violet-Sky Trust Whitney  4*M  FS90 VEEE @ 2-03

Dam: CH Udderly-Crazy SRF Longtimecomn  FS90 VEVE @5-03

     DS: Udderly-Crazy Good Fortune  FS86 VVV @ 2-04

     DD: SGCH Udderly-Crazy Surely You Jest  FS86 VVVV @ 2-06

Keepntime is a lovely doe and she freshend with awesome well attached udder, a lot like her dam's and paternal granddam's. All she needs to do is mature!



Born: February  2018

Bred to:  N/A              Due: N/A

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: N/A 

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow T-Hakkali

     SS: +*B SG Ober-D'Rainbow SLT Casio

     SD: CH Ober-D'Rainbow 3GS Chutney  FS88 VVEV @ 2-03

Dam: Hyonahill Flutterby

     DS: Hyonahill Xyla's Brass Band

     DD: Hyonahill Clementine

Klaudia freshened with a very lovely udder. She is being leasded but from when I seen her last, I will be very happy to get her back.


Born: April  2018

Bred to: Fergus       Due: June

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: 500.00 

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow CSO Hush

     SS: +*B SG Ober-D'Rainbow SLT Casio

     SD: CH Ober-D'Rainbow 3GS Chutney  FS88 VVEV @ 2-03

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow Evan Hailee

     DS: Quitan Obers DSLG Evan

     DD: Ober-D'Rainbow BVR Aonalee  2*M  FS88 +VEV @ 3-04

Kylee freshened with a awesome udder. With her wonderful general appearance and mammary she should mature into a beautiful show doe! We liked the kids by Evan, the sire of Fergus, so we were hoping this pairing would add the lovely lines of Francine and the out come is going to be exciting!


Born: April  2018

Bred to: Hush       Due: June

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: 600.00 

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow HKL Just*N*Time

     SS: Ober-D'Rainbow T-Hakkali

     SD: CH Udderly-Crazy SRF Longtimecomn  FS90 VEVE @ 5-03

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow MGI Hadassah

     DS: Erin-Go-Bragh Jack Magi

     DD: Ober-D'Rainbow CSPN Esther

Kadassah is a very stylish doe with a awesome well attached udder. We are looking forward in the coming Hush kids, should be very nice.


Born: March  2019

Bred to: Hakkali    Due: June

Kidded:             Kids born:


Kid price: 400.00 

Sire: Windbriar TS Roses Salsa Verde

     SS: ++*B SG Body-Shops HMT Tomatillos

     SD: SGCH Windbrair HST Yellow Rose

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow CSO Fleurosa

     DS: +*B Ober-D'Rainbow SLT Casio

     DD: Ober-D'Rainbow YO-PA Bellarosa  1*M

La Rosa had a surprise doeling born last year. But not only was the oopsie doeling gorgeous, La Rosa was too even though small. We dried her off early so she would spend time on growning. We love the sneak peek so we are excited how she is going to develop.




The deal with the first fresheners is if you put a deposit on one of these breeding's before they kid you lock the first freshener price for the kid. If you purchase a kid from one of these does after they kid the price maybe more depending on the quality of the mammary. The first freshener kid price is $350.00. This is a wonderful opportunity to get great genetics for a very reasonable price! Click on the buttons to view the planned breeding's. Also we do not intend on keeping this may first fresheners. We will only keep two of each age group. So lucky for you if you get your deposit on a requested first freshener below before freshening, and if available after freshening the price is $400.00, regardless on how nice she freshens.


We have the Experimental Breedings listed here in button form as well. For more information on the does, check the Experimental page.

Oberhasli Herd Sires


     Born: February 2016

Sire: +*B Ober-D'Rainbow SLT Casio

    SS: ++*B Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute

    SD: Robla's TRU Lexmark  5*M

Dam: CH Ober-D'Rainbow 3GS Chutney

     DS: ++*B Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute

     DD: SGCH Violet-Sky Trust Whitney  4*M  FS90 VEEE


   Born: March 2017   

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow T-Hakkali

     SS: +*B Ober-D'Rainbow SLT Casio

     SD: CH Ober-D'Rainbow 3GS Chutney

Dam: CH Udderly-Crazy SRF Longtimecomn

     DS: Udderly-Crazy Good Fortune

     DD: SGCH Udderly-Crazy Surely You Jest  3*M


   Born: March 2018  

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow XRX WTNY Huston

     SS: +B SG Ober-D'Rainbow  VAL Xerox

     SD: SGCH Violet-Sky Trust Whitney 

Dam: Quitan Obers QOC Delling  6*M  LA-90

     DS: *B Quitan Obers TTTP Claudius

     DD: GCH Quitan Obers ATTN Chablis  5*M


   Born: April 2019  

Sire: Quitan Obers DSLG Evan

     SS: *B Ober-D'Rainbow CSP Durchschlag

     SD: Quitan Obers TTTP Csoka  1*M 

Dam: Haycreeks Sandman Francine  LA88 VEVE @ 2-03

     DS: +*B SG Haycreeks Kane Enter Sandman  LA90 EEV @ 4-05

     DD: GCH Haycreek H Felicity  3*M  LA91 VEEE @ 6-04

Chutney at the 2015 National Show, she was 1st place three year old.

Francine 2018.jpg
rear udder Francine 2018.jpg
2019 Kadassah