We don't have many Saanens, but the ones we have are lovely does. Our goal is to add quality genetics to our Sable breeding program. So in order to be a Saanen in our herd you have to have optimum qualities and produce those qualities and some color to stay.  Fairy and Julie both have produced several nice kids and several Sables for us. Other herds have benefited by getting the white kids which have turned out wonderfully. We are anxious to see if we get the same results with the two new girls, ( Jitterbug and Isa ) we added to the herd this winter.

We have added buttons with the planned pedigrees. Click the button to check out the breedings.

OBER-D'RAINBOW DC-J FAIRY TALE                                                             FS-89 VEVV 3-04  FS-88 VEVE 4-02

     Born: April 2015              Color: White 

     Bred to: Ian                      Due:  March

     Kidded:                              Kids born:                                   

     Kid price: $600.00                               


Sire: Noble-Springs Dace

     SS: Noble-Springs Mo'Effective

     SD: SGCH Just-A-Hobby Perfect Dream  6*M  FS91  VVEE

Dam: Araby-Farm Jeanette  5*M  FS91  EEEE

     DS: *B Aspen-Hill's Lethal Weapon

     DD: GCH Little-Araby Jezabell  4*M  FS90 VEEE


Fairy Tale is a twin daughter out of our old girl Jen. Jen is in greener pastures over the Rainbow Bridge. But she left us with daughters and one handsome son. So Jen's legacy lives on here Ober-d'Rainbow! Fairy has turned out to be everything we were hoping for with a strong mammary and general appearance. And her daughters have been exceptional. She is a very strong part of our Saanen herd.






     Born: February  2017          White 

     Bred to: Ian                          Due: May

     Kidded:                          Kids born:                                  

     Kid price: $500.00                            


Sire: *B Companeros D'Artagnan

     SS: +*B SG Companeros Katsuo Sensei

     SD: SGCH Companeros Stand Out Design  2*M  FS91 EEEE 6-06

Dam: Wil-O-Acres Champagne

     DS: *B Des-Ruhigestelle X-Caliber

     DD: Wil-O-Ares Y-B-Good

We saw Julie's dam at the State Fair and love her. We put our order in for a kid from her. Julie is maturing into quite a nice doe and she has produced a daughter we have very high hopes for, if her mammary is as nice as her general appearance. She has been leased out for the last two years to a dairy as she matures. Hopefully this year will be her year to enter the show ring!




    FS85 +V+V 2-02

     Born : April 2017       Color : White



     Bred to : Ian               Due : May

     Kidded :                       Kids born :

     Kid price : $400.00


          SS: +*B SG Tempo Passa Erendil  FS90 VEE 4-05

Sire : *B Whey-To-Go Tommy  FS90 VEE  3-03

            SD: SGCH Whey-To-Go Tamika  3*M  FS91 EEEE 5-04

            DS: *B Whey-To-Go Tesla  FS86 VVV 1-04

Dam : Whey-To-Go Zsa Zsa

            DD: GCH Whey-To-Go Scherazade  1*M  FS92 EEEE 5-02

Jitterbug entered our herd this fall. Thank You Taylor Kueck for giving us this opportunity. We are hoping she will be a asset to our herd, and will produce some Sable kids to add to our genetics.  



     Born : 2019                Color : White

     Bred to : Hiatsu               Due : April

     Kidded :                             Kids born :

     Kid price : $400.00


          SS: Noble-Springs Mo'Effective  FS92 EEE 7-06

Sire : +*B SG Noble-Springs Dace  FS91 EEE 4-04

            SD: SGCH Just-A-Hobby Perfect Dream  FS91 VVEE 3-04

            DS: Cisco SFT Chard Gandalf  FS83 +V+ 1-011

Dam : Talache 's Harlow  FS85 +V+V 1-03

            DD: SGCH Talache 's Hadar  7*M  FS92 EEEE 4-05

We have to thank Shannan Lloyd for the opportunity in getting Harisa. Her genetics are everything we love and also has the possibilities in producing color! She is a growthy kid for her age and she is bred to a buck that we have used and have a Sable buck by. Hidasta's daughters have turned out outstanding in the herds they are in, and are looking forward in seeing what we get in this breeding! Whether they are white or colored they should be awesome!




The buttons bellow are the planned breeding of our Experimental Saanen Breedings. For more information on the does, you will find in the Experimental page.



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