What is a Sable?

The Sable is a Saanen with color. They use to be discarded as culls because of their color. However several people dared to keep and freshen the colored culls and found Diamonds in the rough! Sables are a beautiful asset to the Dairy Goat World. So if you like the size and grandeur that the Saanen have, but like a pallet of color to add to that big white canvas then the Sable maybe the Picasso you've been looking for!


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      Born: January 2012              Chocolate and white paint.

     Bred to: Talache 's Cuanaic        Due: April

     Kidded:                          Kids born: 

     Kid price: $800.00           1  doeling retained & 1 Reservation on a buckling

Sire: *B Klisse's TE Grandeur of Hope

     SS: +*B Talache's Eldon

     SD: SGCH Klisse's GSMS Triumph of Hope  3*M  Natl. GCH

Dam: Joash Kellogg

     DS: *B Klisse's KEOH Osprey

     DD: Joash KTH Special K

Crispy is one of our best Sable does. She was a gift from my Nephew Chad Hand who is not raising goats no longer. Thank You Chad

for this lovely doe she makes a wonderful asset to our herd. Crispy placed 1st place aged doe and 1st udder at the 2019 Natl.

Show. She was finished in 2016 giving her the GCH designation. She has produce fantastic offspring.  



      Born: Feb. 2014                   Frosted chocolate.

     Bred to: LEHI                       Due: February

     Kidded: 02-22-2020         Kids born: 2 Bucklings

     Kid price: 

Sire: *B Companeros D'Artagnan

     SS: +*B Companeros Katsuo Sensei

     SD: SGCH Companeros Stand Out Design

Dam: Wil-O-Acres Xiang

     DS: Loughlin's Secret's Chance

     DD: Wil-O-Acres Snickers

Eclipse is co-owned with Shannan Lloyd of Talache Dairy Goats. She has wonderful general appearance, mammarry with very plum

teats! Eclipse is long and wide. She puts the milk in the bucket yet is a very easy keeper. 



      Born: March 2015                 Sundgau

     Bred to: Kolwell                   Due: May

     Kidded:                               Kids born: 

     Kid price: $600.00

Sire: *B Ober-D'Rainbow Entrnal Revenue 

     SS: Noble-Springs Dace 

     SD: Araby-Farm Jeanette  5*M  FS91

Dam: Joash PBB Jujuberry 8*M 

     DS: +B Pindell's PBI Black Bayou

     DD: Joash KO Teaberry  7*M 


Juju was one of our personality plus does! Her daughter, Fuji has followed in her tracks. She freshened with a awesome mammary!

We are very pleased with this doe. Fuji is finally maturing into awesome doe appraising 4-03 90 VEEE, we are quite please! She bred herself to a Revenue son, which inbreeds pretty heavily on Revenue. This could be a pretty awesome breeding

OBER-D'RAINBOW RB FYNLAE  ( 2015 Natl. Jr Champion )


      Born: April 2015                   Sundgau

     Bred to: Dragonfly               Due: June

     Kidded:                               Kids born: 

     Kid price: $600.00

Sire: Pindell's Road Base 

     SS: Old-English New Foundation

     SD: Pindell's CPS Condaleeza

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow GR Caldwell 

     DS: +B SG Klisse's TE Grandeur of Hope

     DD: Talache's Hopewell 

We initially donated Fynlae to the 2015 Natl. Show Raffle. She was won by Shannon Boling and was then gifted back to us. Shannon

is a very awesome friend and we very much appreciate her generosity! Thank You again for such a wonderful, selfless gift! Fynlae is

pictured here in the background. She unfortunately injured her udder and now only has half an udder so she will never get finished but at least we have a awesome appraisal score of FS 90 VEVE at 3-04. And she is the dam of the 2019 Natl. Jr. Champion and top selling Spotlight sale doeling.



      Born: February 2016                   Chocolate with white

     Bred to: Talache 's Hau                Due: June

     Kidded:                               Kids born: 

     Kid price: $500.00

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow Choco Nugget

     SS: Willow-Lane Akiiki

     SD: Joash PBR Chocolate Cookie  LA-90

Dam: GCH Ober-D'Rainbow GR Caldwell 

     DS: +B SG Klisse's TE Grandeur of Hope

     DD: Talache's Hopewell 

We have leased Hopewell this breeding season. She is owned by Syndi Loughlin, and we appreiciate being able to lease her. She freshened in 2018 as a first freshener year. She didn't settle last year so this is her second freshening.  She freshened with a very well attached udder with teats that hang plumb and wide high rear udder. She also is a long and has a extremely wide flat rump doe. Can't wait to see her fresh this year. And appraised, she should be another FS 90 



      Born: March 2016                    Chocolate & white.

     Bred to: Cuanaic                      Due: March

     Kidded:                               Kids born:  

     Kid price: $600.00

Sire: *B Joash PMP Chocolatemousse

     SS: +*B Pindell's ONF Mud Pie 

     SD: Klisse's KLOH Chocolatetruffle  11*M

Dam: March Ranch TT Taariq  3*M

     DS: *B Joash KO Kashi

     DD: March Ranch T&T Trouble  2*M 

Hidatsa is a beautiful doe. She is long, dairy with the most perfectly attached udder. The teats hang plum!  I would love to have several of these types of does in my herd. We are so blessed to have her. We are retaining at least one doeling, but will be willing to share one. Bucklings will be available.



      Born: May 2016                    Chocolate & white.

     Bred to: Kare Free                 Due: March

     Kidded:                               Kids born:  

     Kid price: $500.00

Sire: March Ranch Lyramous Favory

     SS: *B Joash PMP Chocolatemousse 

     SD: March Ranch Thornsara Lyra

Dam: March Ranch Elamous Firefly

     DS: *B Joash PMP Chocolatemousse

     DD: March Ranch ABB Elaina  5*M 

Hope freshened with a very lovely udder. She needs to grow up but she will be a doe to reckon with when she is fully matured!

Thank you Trinity Valley Farm for letting us purchase such a lovely animal!



      Born: February 2017                   Chocolate with white

     Bred to: Cuanaic                         Due: March

     Kidded:                               Kids born: 

     Kid price: $500.00


Sire: *B Talache Fallon

     SS: *B Willow-Lane Akiiki 

     SD: Pindell PCI Finesse  1*M

Dam: Joash PRB Chocolate Cookie  13*M  LA-90  

     DS: *B Pindell's ONF Road Base

     DD: GCH Joash Thorn's Chocolate Eclair  12*M Natl Show GCH 


Chip is a very growthy doe. She freshened with a lovely udder and we look forward in her maturing. She has the size and

length her dam doesn't have but the excellence her dam is.

OTHER DOES and Planned Breedings of the does above.

I am having trouble with adding these remaining does so I am making buttons for their planned breedings Contact me for pirices and due dates.

We have included the Experimentals that have been bred for Sable kids here also.














First Fresheners


 We will have several first fresheners posted here. They will have been bred for late kiddings ( May & June or later). We are offering all

those who send deposits in before those does kid, and lock in the starting price of $350.00. Your pick order will be in the order of which they arrived. We will go by post marks. If we have less kids available than what we receive in Deposits we will return deposits of those who were last on the list. This is a great opportunity to get some awesome genetics very reasonably priced! Once the does freshen we will re-evaluate their prices according to the quality of their dams. Deposits are $100.00 per kid.





Click on the Button to see the Pedigree.


GCH Hand Made GRND Coco Crispy
Cream as a first freshener

Crisp*E*Cream and Coco Crispy

2019 Natl. Show

1st place aged doe 1st udder

Crispy and daughter Crisp*E*Delite

Three generations, Crispy, her daughter Delite & granddaughter 2019 Jr Natl CH Lynae

2019 photo of Fynlae

Fynlae daughter, 2019 Natl. Show Sable Jr Champion Ober-D'Rainbow HG Lynae

Experimental Sables


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