Sale Contract Terms

We do not sell animals with health or reproductive problems knowingly. However some animals are sold with issues disclosed if there is any. We raise our kids predominately on their negative tested CAEV dams but if notified with your non-refundable (with the exception of the kid not being born, died or not being available) deposit of $100.00 and ask to have your kid pulled at birth and feed pasturized milk we can accomindate your request as long as you can pick up your kid within four weeks of birth or arranged shippment out of Spokane International Air Port witin that time.  The prices include the purchase of the kid, care up to four weeks of age and travel to the Spokane International Air Port if picking up at our farm is not possiable.  A $50.00 per week after that will be added to the purchase price. And unless there has been previous arrangements otherwise kids not pick up by 8 weeks old will be offered for sale to the next person in line, with the purchase price paid retained for the breach of contract. Any kids shipped will be at the cost of the buyer, this includes Airfare, kennel and health certificate. Unless there is a paid deposit on the kid you choose to purchase the price may change upon the freshening of the dam.  So we encourage you to put a deposit down to guarentee our listed purchased price. Your post mark on your deposit will be noted on your recipt to insure there is no confusion of purchase price. We as the owner/breeder reserve the right to retain our first picks out of any of our does. If this happens to be the kid you have chosen, we will refund your deposit or transfer it to another available kid.    Pre-ordered kids will have to be paid in full within two weeks after birth or notificatiion of birth. If not, they will be offered to the next person in line for that kid. No kid will leave our farm with out the full purchase price is paid, and cleared our bank, if a check has been issued in payment.


Kids not raised on their dams are raised with a CAEV prevention program, feeding them pasturized milk. They are started on free choice water, alfalfa grass hay and Boer Goat Developer at a week old. Our kids are vaccinated with CDT starting at four weeks of age and are boosted with CDT every four weeks till they are three months old. They are wormed staring at four weeks old.  We treat for coccidia by treating them initially with a coccidiastat, and then feed free choice Boer Goat developer with a coccidiastat.  We do recomend you worm your new kid again within a week of it's arrival at your farm. And continue it on a coccidia prevention program.